He who is already down cannot fall, but is left with no other choice but to rise and Marcus D. Thomas has risen from his humble beginnings to a life of challenges yet dreams that have come true!

"I let the depths of my struggles determine the height of my successes." - MDT

Influences / Inspirations:
Loretta M. Thomas (my mother), Willie Van Thomas Sr. (my father), my dear children, all of my siblings, my supportive wife, Tyler Perry, Michael Baisden and Stephen Spielberg.

Favorite Writers and Artists:
I have many favorite writers and artists that I could name, but would absolutely have to say that Tyler Perry is one of the most influential, world-renowned artist/writers who inspires me the most.  The creativity he displays through the screen, from all of his talents (be it fact or fiction), motivate me to challenge my own creativity.

Current Project:
Upcoming Autobiography - expected release date in 20...

Title : To be determined

Every year older, for Marcus Thomas Sr., is a round outside the ring where the fight happens and the extreme challenges begin. These challenges, which could either make or break the true man that is growing inside of this strong-willed and courageous father (and possibly wear him down), are ones that could knock everyday men off of their own feet. It’s the fight within him, to save his children, which forces him to become a father without a pause and keeps him upright and standing tall, with his head held high and his chest firmly out, willing to face any and every hard obstacle that lies in front of him!

There are severe negative effects when a child, especially a boy, is being raised without a father in their home, what are the positive effects, if any? If absence makes the heart grow fonder, then what does the presence of a father do for a child? Well, in this particular extremely empowering book, you will definitely find out!

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